Local policy approved by delegates at the county annual meeting

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Land UseWashtenaw County Farm Bureau supports efforts to preserve farmland in Washtenaw County without infringing on property rights of farmers.
Road Commission BudgetWashtenaw County Farm Bureau supports a Washtenaw County Road Commission budget, which allocates more funds for actual road maintenance and improvement and less for administration.
Slow Moving VehiclesWe resolve that Washtenaw County Farm Bureau direct Washtenaw County sheriff's department to warn property owners that are using slow-moving vehicle signs for purposes other than slow-moving vehicles, remove them from public view.
 4-H youth programs provide valuable educational opportunities for rural and urban youth. Our programs in Washtenaw County continue to expand both in numbers of youth and the types of clubs offered. It is far better to develop the talents of youth than to have to punish the misdeeds of juveniles. We, the members of Farm Bureau, strongly support 4-H.
Road Safety/Visibility SafetyThe Washtenaw County Farm Bureau recommends that the Washtenaw County Road Commission should mow intersections as needed throughout the year. This is important for both safety and visibility.