Plan and execute a celebration of the county Farm Bureau’s history. Share and commemorate local agricultural history with county Farm Bureau members at a local event in 2019.


A leader/chair should be designated to help steer the team’s activities and report its progress to the county president, board, administrative manager and home office. Local History Team members should have an interest in the history of the county Farm Bureau and agriculture in general. An ideal team draws from the strength and diversity of your membership: the robust memory banks of Community Action Groups, the ambition of tech-friendly Young Farmers, the event-planning skills of P&E, and the organizational talents of policy realm.


  • Gather materials pertaining to local agricultural history.
  • Inventory and organize materials (photos, documents, scrapbooks, etc.) helpful in documenting your county’s agricultural history.
  • Survey members in search of personal/private stockpiles of historical material.
  • Prioritize what items are most valuable in illustrating your local agricultural heritage for sharing with other.
  • Plan a local event for members to commemorate and celebrate local agricultural history and the legacy of the county Farm Bureau.
  • Explore outreach opportunities for sharing with the non-farming community the legacy of local agriculture to heighten awareness and recognition of your farm community.

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