Welcome to a Sunday Fun Day of Virtual Project RED (Rural Education Days). A is for Michigan Apples!


Enjoy some Michigan Apple Facts:
  • To have Michigan apples year-round, apples, are stored in a controlled-atmosphere room where computers monitor the temperature and oxygen levels to keep apples from spoiling.
  • Apples naturally brown when cut or bruised. Apples with higher levels of Vitamin C brown less. Coating sliced apples with lemon juice can slow the browning process.
  • Farmers use a trellis system of posts and wire to help apple trees to grow straight, provide support, and allow greater sunlight into the canopy. This makes them easier to prune and harvest while growing more apples.

We celebrated Earth Day
by watching this video of 
#MIapple growers planting apple trees! What did you do in honor of #EarthDay2020? Thanks for the video, Steve and Missy from the Fruit Ridge! It takes an apple tree approximately 3 years before it starts producing apples.

Planting Apple Trees - Video 1

Did you know?
Apple Blossoms are Michigan’s official state flower. After apple trees are pruned some apple growers chop up the brush and use it for mulch in the orchard.