What a BOO-tiful Tuesday evening for our Drive-Thru Treat of Agriculture event at the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds. More than 200 youngsters and their drivers wound their way from the Washtenaw Farm Council Grounds gate to the “Ag Treat” stations in Pavilion B representing various commodities:

Apples: Applesauce
Wheat: pretzels
Veggies: potato chips (donated by Michigan Potatoes
Michigan Potato Industry Commission)
Sausage sticks: True North Jerky and Foods
Honey straws
Dairy: Cheese sticks Horning Farms
Fruit: dried cherries, blueberries and cranberries
Animal crackers
Egg tattoos
Flower stickers
Miniature pumpkins/gourds: (Luckhardt and Jedele Farms)
Fruit Juice boxes: Lumpford Agency
Donuts: Coleman's Corn Maze Rose Family
Corn Bags filled with Farm activity books and stickers

At the first station, each child received a biodegradable bag made from corn filled with stickers and activity books. It was so fun to see how excited the Drive-Thru Treat of Ag visitors were.

Thanks to our incredible Promotion and Education Committee who planned and set up the event! Thanks to EVERYONE in all the vehicles who waited patiently in line, and ALL our awesome volunteers and donors. We have lots of photos to share throughput the day. This group of photos features some of the cute and clever visitors!